Gadgets And Tips To Help You With Your Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to keep your carpet clean from stains, pets and accidents. Your carpet will eventually become full of dust and stains. There are differences between the carpet cleaning of professionals and average house owners. Professionals know the tricks to bring out the best result out of a carpet cleaning. So if you are struggling with your carpet cleaning, you can follow some advice from the professionals in this website.

Following these tips will make your carpet cleaning a lot easier and the outcome will be surprisingly good. Here are some carpet cleaning tips for pros!

Blot Stains

We often make the mistake of rubbing the stains on the carpet. This makes things worse as the stains harder to clean after rubbing. You will need a cleaning product or solution to get rid of the stains permanently. Use a towel of paper to blot the stains out of the carpet. Blot it repeatedly and the stain will come out eventually. Apply minimum pressure while blotting, the key is to soak up the stain content. If you are rubbing with lots of pressure, there is always a risk of stains covering more areas. Also the carpet can be damaged with pressure rubbing.

Use Club Soda

Club soda is very effective for carpet cleaning, it can clean stains on the carpet. Especially when you have beer stains on the carpet, soda can be a great solution. But you have to know the proper technique to clean carpet with club soda. You have to blot the stains with a towel dipped in soda. If the stain is too hard to clean, use some vinegar with the soda. This combination of soda and vinegar always works to clean the stains on the carpet. After the stain is gone, you can use some hot water to clear that area.

Shaving Cream

Another household item which can be used effective to get rid of carpet stains. Many professionals have claimed that, normal shaving cream are the best when it comes to cleaning stains from carpet. However you have to know the proper way to clean the carpet with shaving cream. Use the cream directly on the stain and leave it like that for about an hour. Once the shaving cream is set on the stain, you can use a dry piece of cloth to blot the stain. Your carpet stain will be gone after few blotting.

Carpet Gums

One of the most annoying thing for any house owners, sticky gum on the carpet. If you try to pull it out forcefully, it can damage the carpet fiber. There are ways of getting rid of gums from the carpet. Open your fridge and collect some cubes of ice from it. Then put those ice on the gum and freeze the gum for some time. Once the gum gets freeze, it is quite easy to remove it. It is never a good idea to remove sticky gum, freeze it until it comes of easily.